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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Prozak - Knuckle Up lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro x4: Distorted]
Stand Up
Boss Up
Fist Up
Fuck it up, Bitch!

[Verse 1: Prozak]
I’m raw like Jigsaw, dismemberin’ your skeletals
Breakin’ apart your jaw while stompin’ all across your genitals
You wanted a war, you got it, now come and face me
You must be crazy trying to escape the Rosemary’s baby
I was born to defeat deceitful people, relieve them of the lies of evil
With knives that are lethal, while leaving them Rest in Peaceful
I’m a full blown psychopath! Full grown maniac!
Known to get the last laugh, and you don’t want to fuck with that!
My mental pain is conveyed with rage and anguish
With a hatred I can’t contain to explain to this English language
So why must I insist to persist to inflict damage
When we come face-to-face you’ll be draped with Ace Bandages

[Chorus: x4]
Now if yolu’re with me (Stand up!)
If you’re fed up, (Boss up!)
Put your fuckin’ (Fist up!)
Knuckle up, fuck it up bitch!

[Verse 2: ROC]
(These hoes)
No more sleep niggas!
(My zone)
Give me fifty feet niggas!
(No clone)
Fist to your cheek niggas!
(Cracked bone)
Yeah I’m a beast nigga

Cry for more, ride to war, beat my chest like King Kong
Life is more, not we saw, demons in this fucking song
You can’t survive, we thrive like cockroaches
No way, but I’m stomping that bitch til ain’t no motion
It’s open, that door, lean forward, your body snatch a sun goes down
This shoe stick pinches and cactus
Pursues your arms, legs, your bones
Broke in the dome like Mike Jack, closed case
I flip then I ain’t coming right

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3: Dirtball from KMK]
Better get a fuckin knife if you’re thinkin you can kill me
Instead of a chords Prozak - Knuckle Up lyrics lyrics scratch I’m gonna cut deep inside you, you are ill B
I set em on fire, let em expire, let em e-fuckin-xplode
My gasoline my pride, my grind it never done slow
Hit em in the fangs, seekin them dead in the flesh of the track wa wa
I pillage and hustle the circuit never to pause, lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Prozak - Knuckle Up lyrics download mp3 took it from the back
Maniacal rapper divided
Insane and the flesh can’t fight cord kord chord Prozak - Knuckle Up lyrics kunci gitar it
Bloody the knuckles are anger provided
Iller the most of the pack yea
I’m rappin this hallucination
Don’t you fuckin change that station
We have neglected to give you and earful
To stabbing your earholes
Sicker than all of the demons combined
Sicker than most psychotic of minds
Sicker than hell itself, that be my steal

[Chorus x4]

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